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Monday, February 06, 2006

Click here to join womenontheroadofdeliverance
Click to join womenontheroadofdeliverance

It has been laid on my heart and asked many times for me to just start my own inspirational group. Well I had a group that I had offline called. W.O.R.D which stood for WOMEN ON THE ROAD OF DELIVERANCE. Basically it was just a group of women who uplifted one another spirits. It was Christian but no preachy. Times got the best of me and things sorta slowed down, but the vision was still in my heart.Well after talking to many friends online.I decided to birth the group again online.

Im really excited about it. Imean I enjoy a positive sisterhood.So much going on around us where folks tearing one another down, its not much positivity. Anyway Im taking the next few days to just meditate on focus on God more than I have...geesh..should have been doing that. Well the meditation consist of fasting,praying and just being in tune with him. Hey you oughta try it. Nothing but good can come out of it.

The group is for women at the moment. I guess to keep things in perspective, but men know that you are

Well if you have a YAHOO ID please join..if not GET ONE and JOIN US!!
Blessings to all..


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Saturday, February 04, 2006

"Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?"
Abraham Lincoln

Today I was sitting talking to some people about our issues and weakness that we need to work on. I expressed that often I had a vengeful spirit in me, I would hold a grudge and just not let go. I wanted the person to be as miserable as they had made me. Well the old me, til I found God in my life. I later found that this way of thinking only left me drained and empty feeling inside, oftentimes not affecting the person as I had envision. I was twice defeated and became more miserable. I had to learn a hard lesson followed by a tough pill to swallow.
Treat people right. Even when they mistreat you. OUCH THAT HURT FLAVA!
Oh yes its sooo easy to write, but folks..oh my that pill was hard going down my throat. I think it would have been easier to get 10 teeth pulled at the dentist without anethesia..OUCHHHHH!!! I mean here I was hurting, but in my heart I had to treat the person right. I was speaking to the person, going out my way to show kindness and still literally getting dogged. Ok folks something was not right here!!! lol...then I began to think on that thing.
You don't have to kiss up to a person or go out your way to show them you being kind. Nothing in this world requires us to be taken advantage of. I learned the key. The key is finding peace in myself not to allow the wrongs done to me affect my actions towards another. Basically Flava is saying this folks. I have some people who simply don't speak to me at times, I don't go out my way to wave at them. I casually when walking by may throw a smile and keep walking. Instead of focusing on the lack of manners. I show mine and move on. It takes too much energy to try and sit back to figure out why folks do you wrong. No person in the world can give you that answer.
People go through life blaming others for their problems. Many times they may blame you and you are an innocent bystander. Some may even feel bad or guilty and not know how to approach you. Either way ill feelings can evolve if BOTH people dwell on the negativity. But what happens if YOU decide to squash it by just showing manners. You would then open the door for building a possible truce or friendship. Imagine how most people feel when they mistreat someone and its return with kindness. It doesn't make sense does it? No not to our rational eye for eye mind, but in God's eyes it makes all the sense in the world.

The key thing you have to realize. What are you losing? Regardless if the person returns the gestures or not. You still have your peace of mind! And thats the gospel truth from FLAVA!

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Friday, February 03, 2006

Wow...I have such supportive friends up here...after all the AOL drama YALL! Anyway not giving more room to is FRIDAY!!!! YEAHHHHHH~~~WHOOOHOO

Well folks you know what that means?? One week before FLAVA goes out on her first outing like in ummmmm..ummmm..a year or two with a ummm..gentleman?? ahhahah..Ok folks keep your mouths closed...a sistah yanno is on lockdown so you know most men running when they know the key has locked the door til marriage..ahhahah..oh well..anyway I get to meet this awesome friend of mine, who I spoke to yesterday..*waving at Myron* have to plan something nice for us to do..we both have alot of same interest..the thing is..what do you do in VA?

Since I rarely go many places because of just being busy doing ..ummm...something..I had to enlist my sister to help me find the Museums, and sites to take him on. We suppose to go on the Spirit of Norfolk for Lunch..which I hope they have tickets and not booked. IF nice I have a few nice restaurants, movie, museum...We have Friday and Saturday to hang and then he leaves Sunday..*sigh*...but hey we talked yesterday and its a break for us both. Sometimes you have to force a break, he said to me and he right. I believe your mind needs to regroup many times from madness to get back in the

This why today I rejoined my Paint Shop Pro Designers group to design tags for a while and to write. I think I need to balance things and not become too consumed with one thing. Dont you think thats sensible? Have you ever been so focused on one thing you burn yourself out? I think we all have a tendency to do that. Well Imma take time to do me. I sent a email to Kim at the Literary agency and said "Im dragging, but I'm getting there."...Hey at least Im not standing still.

Well im outta here..gotta work next 4 Im going to be back and forth, but ummm..leave your blog address so I can post it to my sidebar.

And leave a comment or two..ehehhe..*smile*

Have a Blessed weekend!


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I don't know why I was surprised when I heard my mailbox sound go off at 12:30 am. I got up to see if it was important..and boy of course it was..AO-HELL had the nerve to tell me I had posted ANTI-TOS material..roflmboooo..OH LAWD HELP ME FOLKS....Ok I knew a while back I should have left them alone...this took the cake..MOI? FLAVA? posting lewd things? ahhahah..WHAT A JOKE.

I did the next best thing. I told them to please TERMINATE MY ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY!!! They need help bad folks..but hey I know the source of the complaint can only be a few people.

YET you know I still hold my head up high, because I always blog in more than one spot...sorta like not keeping your eggs in one basket. Its a shame when your enemies can go and lie on you and a company automatically accuses and disciplines your account for it. What a shame. I need to apologize to BLOGSPOT for even considering double BLOGGING..this shall be my BLOG home...I dont have to worry about TOS.not that I do it..but if I cant speak my mind against ignorance and express my artful thoughts as I want..I dont need to be in a place. Hey I can still visit my AOL Journal friends..dang its just a CLICK of a mouse..not like Im anyway..Im here PERMANENTLY..ummm..unless they get a TOS on BLOGSPOT..roflmboooo

Ok folks Imma behave I been up for an hour...saying>>HUH?? ME?? lol...but yanno what....Imma keep praising GOD.. I must be doing something right.



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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

This weather in VA is getting everybody sick...YIKESS!!! I mean folks...the other night, Sunday morning it snowed and the wind was blowng sooo hard, our shed in our back yard got blown into the trees. Now this the strange part, everything in the shed was standing in its perspective places....Isn't that someting. The wind just picked up the shed and moved it into the trees. Totally amazing!! Well back to this weather..I been sneezing like its no tomorrow and my baby girl...Courtney lawd she has a cold which has put me on allergy/asthma attack alert. I have already got her on the nebulizer and taking her puffs, because ashmatics with a cold is no joke.

Ok yesterday evening I went to work and I went about 6pm. That the shift the last cashier of night work, usually its 3 of us til about 10...well i scroll in work and I see the cashiers who due to be off, but not ones on my shift...Im like..hmmmm...I look around..but no my Manager comes and i say ..HEY WHERE IS EVERYONE.....he smiles and says..YOU'RE IT! Ok foks we weren't playing a game of tag, so that met I WAS IT as IT ONLY CASHIER...*screaming like a mad woman* worse it was a busy nigt at the book store...Lord hammercy I wanted to scream, but I said..Ok just keep rolling, don't survived and then it was only 4 of us closing a large book store..for those who dont know I work at Barnes and Noble which I love...I love it more with extra cashiers..llol

Well I touched bases with my friend yesterday....yanno the one that I want to be my gotta plan a evening for us...yanno nothing too romantic...yall dont want a sistah begging for forgiveness like Jim Baker and Jimmy Swaggart in front of the church..ahahahhah..I dont know...he told me to find a restuarant..thats fine..but what else can we do? I was thinking about a midnight cruise on the Spirit of Norfolk..its a ship here that goes out to sea in the Elizabeth River for a couple of hours...I dont know folks...hahahah..I havent dated since..ummmm..since GA wasn't a Peach..ahahhaha..I dont know...suggestions? I dont want to come off too friskey....heheeehheh...a friendly slight romantic enviroment between two people getting to know each excited though....and ..

Yanno my South Beach is taking off the pounds...Im seeing it..others seeing it..Im feeling better about myself...Im giving GOD the thanks...because my daughter Taylor came and said yesterday.."MOMMY IM PROUD OF YOU! You started many diets and didnt stick and you doing it...I mean you doing it"...yanno folks that was worth all the chocolate cake I aint been eating in the world...Even though Im doing this for spiritual and health reasons of course..that movation was needed.

Well its time for FLAVA to head to the writing board..and dont forget to go and read my other blog by my alter ego: KRISTIN LLOYD- TISSOT at


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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

FLAVA Literary and Hollywood CRITIC NOW? lol

Well folks usually I don't do the Hollywood gossip stuff, simply because I don't watch TV...but due to the fact I have my PC on and up here if not working to finish up my novel, I read occasionally these articles on AOL. Dang just like watching the news. Click the links for article folks..then read..if you like my its important..roflmboooo

Well as I was nibbling on my turkey bacon, and egg omelette, I noticed the first article about the author of "A MILLION LITTLE PIECES" yanno the one by the man who made Oprah book club, James FREY.

Then I switched and read believe it or not the gossip on Brad Pitt and Angelina

FLAVA's Opinionated Accessment..*who cares?* roflmbooo on Angelina and Brad

Look folks..first before i rant about the first topic...imma skip to Angelina and Brad...well I was sipping on coffee at this time shaking my head...Yesss folks...Flava ready to get all opinonated...remember I ain't judging, but I am shaking my head at this they are both gorgeous and yes they do all this community outreach. But folks...I know this Hollywood, but ummmm...why do people glorify a relationship based on adulterous affairs? I laugh when Pitt says Angelina not cause of marriage...well folks I was not in his I can't say she wasn't..but ummmm..*coughing*..lets seeee now..a married man on vacation with a woman and her kids and his wife finding out by reading Enquirer...*sipping coffee*..Yeah i think thats grounds for me to do some Hollywood butt-kicking divorcing..roflmbooo..Yall bear with me..Im ranting..but you know because I have been in the marriage affair scenario..Yanno FLAVA gonna side with the wife...I mean yeah FLAVA its all Hollywood and it happens, but dang....Sistah girl pregnant now...Yeah the baby will have it going on in looks, some blogs reporting..but dang...Kids will read about their parents meeting and stuff....*sipping large gulp*..Has this woman every said she felt bad having affair? Has Brad? wonder I don't watch TV..ahahhah.Oh well..Im just ranting folks...but hey I must...I know many may not agree, but I just shake my head at times at celebrity hood..and ummmm..yanno I'm taking notes...I can feel the Enquirer at my door..ahahhah..Ok...ok....enough Hollywood..lets move on to Literary Hollywood.

Flava's Opinon on James Frey story..yeah..yeah..yada..yada

Lawd hammercy...folks screaming that some of the facts in Frey story is not true..that he lied to Oprah. First of all did anyone research the facts? Did the publisher? Well if they didn't and now yelling..shame on them...BUT LET ME SAY THIS...people will hate on writers after reading stories claiming some FACTS NOT TRUE...well folks..*Drum roll*....WRITERS ADD DRAMA even to TRUE LIFE to SPICE UP STORIES...HELLLLOOOOO!!! *giving Kisha a high five*....I hate to be sooo shocking folks....From what I'm reading..some of the events happened, but he added extra drama to he lying to the public? *scratching my head*...well I didn't see the interview..but if he did get on Oprah and SAY HE DID THOSE THINGS...well shame on him for not admitting in reality some things were thats intentionally lying...BUT as for as writing a book, PLEASE folks...I don't care what book you read, exaggerations are there...I do believe the man may have exaggerated or that News company crazy and ready to pay out their tails to him and his lawyers...Lawd Kisha, we gotta take notes on this must say for example..Kisha and I collabo on "LITERARY BABYLON" is based on FACTS folks..but ummmmm...yeah we added a little spice to it..because folks THAT when we both get on OPRAH with our Donna Karan designer suits and Gucci shades...WE WILL SAY SOME PARTs are FICTIONAL, but its BASED ON yall don't be trying to take our business to AOL and have our BLOGS filled up with HATE mail..ahahha....But yanno FLAVA still won't go PRIVATE like STAR JONES...or whoever that is..roflmboooo..YESSS im in rare form

In a Nutshell FLAVA saying:

Ok for those who saying..OH NO SHE NOT DEFENDING THE WRITER BUT DISSING FINE BRAD AND GORGEOUS folks...Im just looking at things differently...Yes both stories may have that Lie twist in them...Im saying....Marital affairs and Literary works are my opinion..I may be wrong...

I always think affairs if Frey is walking around saying stuff true...he ummm...should stop and just admit the point is in A BOOK please don't expect everything to be FACTS...people trying to sell going back to STAR JONES blog thing..lawd folks..the woman book is out...can you say..PUBLICITY??lol....yanno I was telling someone..that was my first intention when I made a PROMOTE my book and gain readers...but ummmm..I got connected with yall crazy folks..heheheheheh....but seriously...Life is to taken in stride...don't get so caught up in someone life that it effects yours...In all seriousness...I don't judge anyone..but I do have opinions on issues and as a writer...I can say to a point..I do have the responsibility to tell my readers if they reading pure facts or mixture.. soo ummm.maybe im talking out both sides of my i guess when you actually talking to folks....thats when the truth and your integrity matters.

Ok now that I have ranted...WHAT THE HECK AM I TALKING ABOUT?? roflmboooo...I dont know..blame it on the turkey bacon!


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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

You see things; and you say, 'Why?'
But I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?"
George Bernard Shaw

Well today has been a productive day...Yeahhhh..I finished a chapter in Virtual Seductions and if Im good..I will do two chapters tonite...This story is playing in my head so much, I just have to write and finish it...You know how something nags and nags and you just have to DO IT...anyway thats a good thing.

I have the next two days off of work..WHOOOHOOO..and I vow not to do a thing put write, exercise and write..I remember I told you all I was starting Weight Watchers, but nah..I changed my mind and considered everything, the cost, etc...and I am started the South Beach Diet..which my sister, mom and I are both on..we don't say "diet" we say, "change of eating habits" its rough working in a place where Godiva Chocolates looking at ya and customers buying them,but my snack is a unsweetened jello or cheese stick..roflmbooo..ahahhah..but folks..I have to do this thing..the wedding in August and another this year...Im waiting on my friend to set a date...Dang all my friends ready tie the knot..

Which FLAVA hopefully will have a nice Valentine this year...*crossing fingers*..I saw the gift I'm getting my friend...Its sooo cute...I may have to get it early before we run out...Working in a bookstore gives me sooo many ideas...Wow I gotta say though, this man has got me looking at things soo differently..I mean I really feel I can let things be free and not worry about drama and all this stuff...Isn't it good to talk to a man in a conversation without him bringing up bra size ladies? mean we can talk about arts, nature, I mean he is sooo well rounded..But folks..we are FRIENDS...*sighs*..Yanno nothing serious..and yanno FLAVA I don't be rushing anything..but a sistah can dream..right? right? I never actuality took the time to pick a man a gift for Valentines...*slapping hand*..basically yanno the card stuff,but I am really looking to find things that interest this gentleman..OH LAWD is the LOVE BUG flying around my head folks? And when he addresses me..he calls me "My Dear Olivia"...*getting starry eyed*...Ohhh my Lord Jesus...Yall praying for a sister to keep my chastity belt locked..ahahhaahh..Forgive me messing yall, but I do have a smile when I think of this person...and when he failed that personal test I posted..OOOH my GOODNESS..HE WAS LIKE...Ok I'm coming up for real, get the room, restaurant ready, because I am going to get to know YOU ..The LADY....*whew lawdy Somebody fan me..Its get heated*..ahahhahahh...And he sooo fact he something else...Lord if he reading this...well its nothing new...*wink*..I believe in telling a man how you feel and think..*most of time*.lahahahhahah..

Lawd I said I wasn't going to do much, but I'm looking at these clothes that need laundering and HOW DID MY BEDROOM GET A WRECK AGAIN? roflmboooo..well I may do a little work.

Let me end by saying this...this woman came in and was buying this book...Dang I forgot the name..but I love this spiritual quote.

"Stop telling God how big your mountain is..and start speaking to the mountain and telling it how BIG your GOD IS"

A inspirational speaker said that quote..anybody remember his name? Well I loved it..and thats the type of thinking I like. Problems keep us thinking they in control..but folks..when you start speaking to your life problems and letting them know that GOD is the conqueror of all things and your problems will not overpower you when He is in control..You saying something!! So go speak the word and Move that mountain!!


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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere.



I know its not the end of the year folks, but you know Flava loves her some quotes...One day I am going to find the largest Quotable Quote books I can find. Quotes have simple truths drizzled with wisdom in them. They make you think and say..."Aha thats soo true." I was particularly drawn to this one as I reflected on the year ending. Yes folks Flava going deep today. Even once in a way I try to switch the mode and give you all a piece of FLAVA WISDOM..ahahahh..yeah right...well back to the scheduled program.

I think on all the trials and tribulations I encountered with none other than "Savior FLAVA"...Of course the hassles and lies I encountered leave a bitter taste in my mouth, the false friendships, backbiting and such would make one run from Literary Babylon..Yet I had to sit back and say..."What has become of all this? What are the positives? Did this road I treaded on leave me with anything positive?" Well I have my answer..YES!!!

I must say that I have met some great friends, one being Kisha, and I mention her because Number 1..she dont mind being mentioned..ahahhahah..But I got to say that in the beginning we held things down to pursue our dreams, regardless of the times when we did not see the same way and parted for a season, we put things aside and then began to evaluate the source of the issue..Thats mature adult behavior. Two heads working together instead of separately can accomplish many things. In the long run, we did what we had to do..stuck together and came out winners. Sistah girl can research her behind off...and now we free...We knowledgeable of our trade...We empowered more than ever by our negatives and pressing forward. We encourage one another..because folks when you out on that road and you feel you alone...Its not a good feeling...But every once in a while...You get a note froma friend..saying..."GREAT JOB" You know you not alone...I have to Thank Otiz, Who I havent seen in a while for just listening to me and letting me know..."YOU A WRITER and a GOOD ONE" dont let anything deter you...All my other friends in J-Land...Who I met from this writing blog..I couldn't possibly mention all the names...but I gotta say Hi to Celeste, Rebecca, Darla, Hadon, Liza, Jodi, Gabi, Pennie,Viv, Cyndy..Ok let me stop because its soooo many who just leave those words of kindness and emails and cards..Im like WHOA can't nobody tell me the INTERNET is all bad...I applaud you all for taking the moment to push this writing sistah on...I mean just knowing people care..make me try harder to be better in my writing..Im reading more books to develop my skills which gets me to thank my new Editor...Ms awesome and you just good!!! I mean you showing me sooo much and sooo know this book is one project that I want to hit the mark..and you right there with me...And without my issues with the great CPN Publishers...I would have not met many of these people I mentioned...really any...because I never thought of a blog til my writings...So Yes there are positivity on the road I traveled and still traveling.

I think about the children at the school who I met and develop friendships. What greater blessing can there be than influencing today's generation of young people. Its a great responsibility, but the reward of seeing a child progress under your direction is countless. I gave freely of a talent that God has blessed me with..and I know in the long run things will go as my heart desires...Which gets me to this point.

Yesterday as I was driving on the real road...I had to say.."GOD I NEED TO SPEND MORE TIME WITH YOU"..Really folks..I been busy, working, writing and then I had to say..Have I read my Bible as I should??? I had to ask myself this because, I know I come off as weird..but the true source of my strength on this road of life is Jesus Christ, the Father God and the Holy Spirit that guides me...God has just kept me up when I wanted to fall. I know I wasn't alone on the road...Many times I wanted to just collapse and give up, but his voice kept pushing me and letting me know that the purpose that he has for me will be accomplished. What is the true purpose of this God that I serve. The purpose is to use my life as a light to draw people to his love and his mercy. To show people that goodness and kindness exist in humans. To show them the source of my strength is not OLIVIA but GOD himself...The true source of all things on this earth. Folks I know we all may have varying views and this not a religious speech...Personally Im not "religious"that word leaves a bitter taste in my mouth,but Im a Spirit- filled woman who loves the Lord...Yes I have faults and many times on this road...I can't say I handled things in the correct manner, but I can tell you this...Im woman enough to go to the one I have wronged and correct it...Not many can say that...but once you learn this..that road will once again become less lonely.. A great person is one who can say..HEY I WAS WRONG...I admire that in someone.

Well also in closing...I can say walking on this path has let me know...I have the potential to do anything I put my mind to. I never thought a book cover I designed would be in book stores. I never thought for real..I would actually have a book published. Now I take the publishing wounds I encounter and look at them as a growing process. This allows me to heal. Folks you gotta let wounds heal. Wounds heal by recognizing they are there and then paying attention and applying the right medicine to it..The right medicine may be an apology, it may be time alone, it may be cutting someone may be a variety of things..the key thing is...RECOGNIZE and LET IT HEAL...

Well Im finished for now..but I think you all get the point...If the road has obstacles...Deal with them and move forward. Count your blessings that you still have a mind to press forward...and when you get there...give God the Praise for bringing you through.

Now move over Oprah! That was a FLAVA MOMENT!! roflmboooo..

Peace and Christmas Presents!!!


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